Freshwater Casting Range

Choose your species below to find the perfect lure. The Freshwater Casting Range will have many models launched in May 15th 2018. You can Pre Order products now to ensure you get the colours you want.

If you are casting in freshwater for Bass, Muskie, salmon, stripers or even panfish, we have a hardbait for the job. Whether it is the deep diving DTX minnow or the surface walking Riptide Fatso 115, there is a lure perfectly suited to a range of freshwater applications.

Select your species below to find the perfect lure.

Browse by species:

  • Dartwing Floating 70 FW - 2.75"

    Use the Dartwing with either a fast retrieve with twitches of the rodtip or a slow “walk the dog” style twitch, or just a straight fast wind and you will...
  • Maverick Floating 115 - 4.5"

    The Maverick 115 is a unique floating stickbait, surface walker and popper all in one lure. There are so many ways to use this unique lure. It can be used...
  • DTX Minnow Floating 120 - 4.75"

    The ultimate inshore and heavy freshwater trolling minnow. Ideal for Striped Bass, big salmon, muskie, grouper, big walleye and even big bass. The DTX 120 has a wider body and...
  • Riptide 115 Floating Fatso - 4.5"

    The Riptide 115mm “Fatso” is a wider body version of the renowned Riptide design. It has been made as the ultimate surface walk the dog lure. It features an internal...
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