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  • Pandora 8X Braid

    Years of testing have gone into making the ideal all-round braid for using for saltwater lure casting, jigging and trolling. Pandora braid has colour changes every 30ft to allow for easier...
    From $29.99
  • Riptide 125 Sinking - 4.75"

    The Riptide 125 Slow Sink Stickbait is an incredibly versatile inshore casting lure suitable for a huge variety of coastal and also freshwater species. It has been designed to suspend...
  • Dartwing Floating 70 FW - 2.75"

    Use the Dartwing with either a fast retrieve with twitches of the rodtip or a slow “walk the dog” style twitch, or just a straight fast wind and you will...
  • Atlas Deep Crank Floating 38 - 1.75"

    The Atlas Crank is designed to go super deep and have a tight wiggle at slow speeds that will entice any fish to bite. With a diving depth of 10ft+...
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