Maverick Floating 68 - 2.5"

NEW PRODUCT - Coming 2018. Maverick Floating Freshwater 1/5oz. Can be worked 4 different ways. Fitted with BKK super slide trebles.

Product Code: MAV68-BGL

The Maverick 68 is like no other lure you’ve ever used. It can be worked slow as a floating walk the dog style surface lure, it can be slow rolled under the surface with a wide erratic swimming action, or it can be worked with long slow sweeps of the rod to catch some air and leave a long underwater bubble trail. It can also be worked fast and erratic across the top, with the cup on the head catching water and imitating a flicking prawn. Whatever species you choose to target, the maverick is an addictive lure to use, so much fun, and so many ways to work it.

Ideal for Bass, panfish, trout, salmon and many other smaller predatory species. 

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