Riptide Fluoro Coated Clear Mono Leader

Riptide Fluoro Coated Clear Mono Leader

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Riptide Leader 100 54yds 100lb
Riptide Leader 120 54yds 120lb
Riptide Leader 180 54yds 180lb


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The NOMAD DESIGN RIPTIDE LEADER is a fluorocarbon coated monofilament leader that gives anglers the ultimate in abrasion resistance while retaining maximum knot strength plus the flexibility of monofilament leader. Riptide Leader is ideal for lure casting, jigging, and trolling - tested and proven on the toughest fish in the ocean!

Designed to be super abrasion resistant while still holding excellent knot strength. The Fluorocarbon coated monofilament is a unique blend that we have designed for the ultimate abrasion resistance combined with exceptional knot strength. We all know tying FG knots to Fluorocarbon is difficult and this leader solves that problem.

Nomad Design


Designed in Australia

Designed in Australia

Crafted by Experience is something we live by and take very seriously.
Every product is designed and tested in Australia, both on the water and at our R&D test tank facility to ensure it performs perfectly.

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