Riptide Floating 6oz matrix metal plate construction. Not fitted with hooks. Recommend using 7/0 treble on belly and 12/0 BKK inline single on tail.

Product Code: RIP-P-265-BPM

The Riptide 265mm Floating stickbait is the ultimate big surface stickbait for GTs, Tuna, Kingfish and cubera snapper and roosterfish. It floats with a tail down position and has an extremely erratic side to side S shaped action when retrieved with a long sweep of the rod. It can also be fished in a twitched walk the dog style retrieve that produces an enticing side to side action and big body roll. The riptide 265 Floating features a tail weight for extra long casting distance and works equally well in calm or rough water. Featuring a machine-stamped stainless steel plate and full body foam core construction, it is the toughest stickbait available, and is up to any challenge.