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The VERTREX SWIM (pat. pending) is a unique swimming soft vibe bait. It is the first lure of its kind that swims naturally when sinking and vibrates when lifted creating an irresistible combination for any species.
Designer Damon Olsen has created a finely tuned body shape and internal weight combination that glides and swims when sinking imitating a lifelike swimming baitfish, it is the first time this action has been incorporated into a body shape that also vibrates when lifted.
The Vertrex Swim is typically fished in shallower water in lower current situations. The Vertrex Swim is NOT a bait that you can simply straight retrieve.  There is a specific lift and pause technique that needs to be used with this bait for maximum effectiveness and this can be seen on many of our Vertrex Swim YouTube tutorial clips. When used correctly the freefall swimming action combined with the vibration on the lift is an unmatched and deadly combination.

ModelLengthWeightDepthActionHooks FittedUses
Vertrex Swim 753"2/5ozUp to 40ftSwims On Sink & VibratesBKK 1X Trebles #8Casting - Vertical Jigging
Vertrex Swim 953-3/4"4/5ozUp to 50ftSwims On Sink & VibratesBKK Viper 4X Trebles #6Casting - Vertical Jigging
Vertrex Swim 1104-1/3"1-1/5ozUp to 80ftSwims On Sink & VibratesBKK Viper 4X Trebles #4Casting - Vertical Jigging
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Vibing is a new technique and fishing system that revolves around the pat. pending Nomad Vertrex soft Vibe lure series. It works from 2ft to 300ft of water on a huge range of species. So how did a whole new way of fishing come about? Well, it's not new, it's been a go to fishing technique in Australia for over 15 years and it's one of the most widely used and effective techniques on many Australian species. It simply catches fish, and it doesn't matter if it's a lake in Florida or the Red Sea, fish eat vibes.

Watch the story of how Capt. Jarad "Dingo" Boshammer and Nomad Design founder, designer and charter captain Damon Olsen teamed up to bring Vibing to the USA.

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