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Striped Bass eat a huge variety of forage and fall for a myriad of Lures and Techniques as they follow their migration route. Stripers are known as purely opprotunity driven and will feed on anything from Clams to Crabs to Eels to small Rainbait and huge Bunker and so much more. That means there are many ways to target them.

Join Nomad as we break down their seasonal movements and when and how to fish our lures to catch the apex inshore predator and true Nomad, the Striped Bass.

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Why everyone uses a swimming plug for Striped Bass

The venerable swimming plug is perhaps the most iconic and most used plug for Striper. They are offered by most saltwater lure companies and they all share the common characteristic of side-to-side swimming style of movement. Good swimming lures for Striper mimic many types of Striper's favorite baits like Herring, Spearing, Mackerel, Menhaden and many more of the most common baitfish in the Stripers range.

Plastic is the most prevalent material, but wood plugs are popular as well. The similarity stops with the material however. There are innumerable types and brands of swimming plugs. Sliders, Darters, Deep Divers, Needle Fish, and Swimmers to name a few. You can select a specific style to work anywhere in the water column from topwater wake baits, to slightly subsurface to mid depth to deep pulling plugs.

Some days Stripers like the lazy side-to-side glide of a Slider plug like the Nomad Madscad, but most often they key on plastic thin body lipped swimmer like Nomad's Shikari 145 and unique Maverick. Plugs like this work in the surf, in bays and rivers, and off a boat. It is the number one style of lure for Striper.

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striped bass fishing with lures

Join us as we explore the historic Raritan Bay Fishery for Striped Bass. We breakdown several techniques and offer tips on how to target this special gamefish in this one of a kind area.

In the shadow of New York City and the Meadowlands Flats of New Jersey in a fishery jammed packed with people and boat traffic we will show you how to set yourself apart from the crowd and score Stripers consistently.

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topwater lures for striped bass

Every angler loves that explosive TOPWATER strike!  When Striped Bass are in the mood to blast lures on top you can experience heart-stopping strikes as these fish are knownto blow big baits clear of the water.

Stripers are not shy about large, loud, popping or flopping lures.  The Nomad Chug Norris is an extremely tough popper and draws fish off the bottom like a homing beacon.  Other lures like Pencil Poppers, like Nomad Design’s Dartwing slash and glide and entice Stripers to chase down the lure and smash it. 

Never go for Striper without a topwater lure in your arsenal.

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Trolling for striped bass

Nomad Design is the undisputed champion of the Saltwater Trolling Game! And our Trolling Lures for Striped Bass are a big reason for that. Striper are very willing to eat trolled lures. In the Spring and Fall during the spawn and migration when they are staged deep or moving quickly to their summer or winter homes. Large profile lures like Nomad's famous DTX are about as close as you can get to a sure thing. Mimmicking a variety of Striped Bass' favorite foods like Herring and Mehanden they are eagerly inhaled by the biggest of the big!

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Vibing & jigging for Striped Bass

By now you are probably starting to realize that Striped Bass eat everything. From the beach to the bays & rivers. Deep trolling offshore and exciting topwater in any and all of the above.

However there is one more tried and true method that has been around for as long as we can remember. Deep jigging for Bass when they are thin profile baits like the beloved Sand Eel or chasing small rainbait type forage are deadly on Striper and easy to deploy.

Jigs started with home tackle makers using chopped in half butter knifes and evolved into diamond jigs still used today. Many anglers have graduated to slow pitch jigs like Nomad Streaker Jig and seen success skyrocket.

And lately the new kid in town, the VERTREX VIBE has been discovered by the Striper Sharpies and has done unreal work in just under a year. The thump on the rise and the dead 'swim' on the fall elicits a savage reaction strike. Vibes were made to catch the Mighty Striped Bass!


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