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Shikari 145 SFLT 5-3/4
Shikari 145 SFLT 5-3/4" - 1oz
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Shikari 95 SFLT 3-3/4
Shikari 95 SFLT 3-3/4" - 2/5oz
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Maverick 115 FLT 4-1/2
Maverick 115 FLT 4-1/2"
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Maverick 90 AT SUS 3-1/2
Maverick 90 AT SUS 3-1/2" - 1/2oz
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5 products

Jerk Bait Lures that do the Business

The main feature of jerkbait lures is their ability to imitate prey fish that are injured or dying. In this way, they will attract predatory fish to the lures and will ensure a successful fishing trip.

That success is not guaranteed, however. It depends on you choosing carefully from the large range of jerk bait lures that we have to offer and then using them in the most effective manner. Read More

Features and Techniques for Jerkbait Fishing Lures

Jerkbait lures are so-called because they’re designed to move in a series of jerks that mimic the movements of injured fish. They’re generally made of hard plastic and so are quite durable, and have an elongated, slim body shape with flattened sides that give them an appearance similar to a minnow.

The lures come in a variety of colors and sizes. Larger lures are suitable for pike while smaller versions are more appropriate for other species such as perch and trout. The colors you choose may depend on when and where you’re fishing.

When the water is cold, crawfish are prevalent, and lures may match their colors while baitfish colors are better when the water’s warm. When fishing in clear water, muted colors are appropriate whereas murky water requires bolder colors — strong reds and blacks for crawfish or purple, blue and other solid colors for baitfish. Natural colors tend to fool fish that are feeding while bright colors can cause a reactive strike.

The jerkbait fishing lures are designed to sink to a specific depth and then hang there. They have a horizontal swimming action and often turn sideways to any following predator, thereby increasing their attraction. Some have a rattle option that creates more attention.

To make the most of the lure’s obvious benefits duing tackle fishing, you need to adopt a satisfactory technique. In general, this firstly means you need to cast out as far as possible and let the bait go down to the fishing depth. You then need to create a jerking action on the lure by lifting the rod tip so it’s horizontal and then snapping it down to the surface of the water. Reel in some slack between each snap of the rod.

If the fish are very active, you can snap the rod quite aggressively and frequently. However, when the fish are not very active, this can be too much for them so you’re better off using snaps that are more gentle and with longer gaps between them.

Jerkbait Lures for all Conditions

As long as you’re using the right technique and have the correct equipment, particularly jerkbait lures that are effective, you should fish successfully. Even if your technique is spot on, you won’t achieve maximum effect unless you use the best lures.

We at Nomad Tackle can help you with that because we have lures for every situation and type of fish. Whether you’re after fish that are actively feeding or not, in cold or warm conditions, or whether the water is clear or murky, deep or shallow, we have the lures for you. If you’re not sure what you need, get in touch and tell us what you want to do. Our aim is to ensure you get the most enjoyment and the best outcomes from your fishing trips.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our suspending jerkbaits or shallow jerkbait if that's what you're interested in.

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