panderra X4 braid

The best value casting, jigging and trolling braid on the market
with colour changes every 30ft. Developed over years of testing by Nomad Sportfishing Adventures - one of the world's leading Charter Operations.

PANDERRA BRAID is made from the highest quality Japanese PE fiber. The X4 carrier construction, combined with the ultra strong PE Fiber and unique Micro Weave braiding technology creates the strongest braid for any given diameter.

The specifically formulated Hydroslick coating applied to the braid enables increased casting distance. Whether casting, jigging, or trolling, the overall strength delivered by the X4 Braid is guaranteed to make your time on the water enjoyable.


ModelRatingDia. (mm)CarrierColour
Panderra Moss Green 1010lb0.154Moss Green
Panderra Moss Green 1515lb0.204Moss Green
Panderra Moss Green 2020lb0.234Moss Green
Panderra Moss Green 3030lb0.284Moss Green
Panderra Moss Green 4040lb0.334Moss Green
Panderra Moss Green 5050lb0.364Moss Green
Panderra Moss Green 6565lb0.414Moss Green
Panderra Moss Green 8080lb0.474Moss Green


ModelRatingDia. (mm)CarrierColour
Panderra Multi 1010lb0.154Multi - Blue Camo
Panderra Multi 1515lb0.204Multi - Blue Camo
Panderra Multi 2020lb0.234Multi - Blue Camo
Panderra Multi 3030lb0.284Multi - Blue Camo
Panderra Multi 4040lb0.334Multi - Blue Camo
Panderra Multi 5050lb0.364Multi - Blue Camo
Panderra Multi 6565lb0.414Multi - Blue Camo
Panderra Multi 8080lb0.474Multi - Blue Camo
panderra braid
abrasion test

What happens when a GT gets you wrapped around the coral 6 different times? Well, when you are using Panderra Braid, you end up landing the fish. Watch as the mayhem unfolds and see why Panderra Braid is your #1 choice for abrasion resistant casting & jigging braid.

casting, jigging, trolling

panderra braid


panderra braid

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