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Join the Nomad #Vibetribe and learn about how to catch just about every species on a Vibe. Nomad has developed this system from experience in Australia and it works from 2ft-300ft of water on everything that swims.

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Nomad Founder Video
Damon Explains Vibes

Nomad Founder and owner Damon Olsen gives an in depth rundown on all types of vibes from the Squidtrex to Vertrex Max, Vertrex Swim and the hardbody Swimtrex and Swimtrex Max vibes. Covering freshwater to offshore saltwater, there is a vibe ready to catch every species.

swim and max.
what is the difference?

The Vertrex Swim and Max Vibes are very different in the way they are used. The Swim is a pat. pending design that swims when sinking and vibrates when lifted. The Max is for maximum depth and maximum vibration.

Inshore vibing technique

The Nomad Vertrex

Watch as Capt. Jarad "Dingo" Boshammer explains the technique he has developed for catching Snook, Redfish, Seatrout, Striped Bass and just about every other inshore saltwater species using the Nomad Vertrex Max and Swim Vibes.

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it is all about the vibe

Vibing is the hottest new thing in fishing right now. Nomad Design and Capt. Jarad "Dingo" Boshammer have launched a fishing system and technique that's been proven incredibly effective on Snook, Redfish, Yellowtail, Striped Bass, Black Drum, Seabass, Seatrout, Grouper, Snapper, Albacore and just about every other species that you can catch from 2ft-300ft of water.

deep water vibing

Insanely effective deep water technique. Join #nomadvibemaster Mat Scholz from Pelagic Pursuit Youtube as he explains how to catch Red Snapper on the Vertrex 130 in 180ft of water.

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