The worlds first Squid vibe!
The SQUIDTREX uses Pat. Pending Technology to combine a soft vibration lure into a squid shaped body to produce a unique action designed like no other lure in the world.

Squidtrex pat. pending technology
A True World First

The Squidtrex is a world first in fishing tackle. Never before has there been a vibrating lure that perfectly immitates a squid and can be fished in deeper water straight out of the box. Designed in Australia by Nomad Founder and Owner, Damon Olsen, The Squidtrex was designed to be a hard core fish catching weapon.

The Squidtrex has the design of a Squid and has both the action and durability to tackle big fish! This lure has a realistic swimming action like no other.

  • Internal weight system for fast sinking for deeper water methods.
  • Crazy vibration wobble at medium to high speeds.
  • Incredible Squid Scented with UV & Glow Colors
  • Strong & durable - soft TPE construction.
  • Heavy duty through wire construction & heavy gauge hooks.
World Class Design
How to fish the Squidtrex

Damon Olsen, creator of Squidtrex, demonstrates Squidtrex’s sinking and swimming action, plus how and where to fish this ground-breaking lure. The world class design of the Squidtrex features:

  • UV patterns and glow.
  • Super strong and durable TPE material.
  • Belly eyelet for additional hook placement.
  • Can be fished dead slow or fast.

Jonny Brooks and Damon recently took on a bunch of thumping fish using the new Suidtrex vibe plus one of the truly best braids on the market - Ammonite braid.

Featuring PE Fibre technology with a super tight 36 weave X8 construction with Hydroslick coating, Jonny has been a fan of the Ammonite product and has been using it for both jigging and casting applications for years.


Keep all your Squidtrex soft vibes in the one place and ready for quick access with our double-sided Nomad Design Vibe storage box.

  • Foam lining material doesnt react with TPE material.
  • Hook slots hold vibes in place.
  • Double-sided waterproof rubber seals.
  • Sturdy and durable latch system.

The versatility of 4 different sizes in 8 different colors means that you have all your fishing depths and methods covered. From slow rolling to deep jigging, the 95mm through to 150mm will keep all bases covered.

  • SQUIDTREX 95 VIBE - 3 3/4"
  • SQUIDTREX 110 VIBE - 4 1/3"
  • SQUIDTREX 130 VIBE - 5"
  • SQUIDTREX 150 VIBE - 6"
Squidtrex 953-3/4"1ozUp to 130ftSinking - Max VibrationBKK Twin Assist #1Casting - Vertical Jigging
Squidtrex 1104 1/3"1-3/4ozUp to 160ftSinking - Max VibrationBKK Twin Assist 1/0Casting - Vertical Jigging
Squidtrex 1305"3 1/4ozUp to 230ftSinking - Max VibrationBKK Twin Assist 3/0Casting - Vertical Jigging
Squidtrex 1506"4 3/4ozUp to 350ftSinking - Max VibrationBKK Twin Assist 4/0Casting - Vertical Jigging


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Unique designed through wire body system for added strength.


BKK hooks mean confidence with every hook set.


Squid scent additive included in product for real effect.