CRAFTED BY EXPERIENCE: Means a great deal to us, it’s been hard won and earned through decades of experience on the water. As the founder, former captain and fishing guide of one of the world’s premier blue water sport fishing charters in Australia’s remote Coral Sea.
Our lures are the result of a lifelong passion for fishing and an uncompromising desire to create lures for every species of fish, inshore and offshore anywhere in the world.



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Captain Rush explaining how and when to use the Buffalo, Gypsea and Streaker jigs.

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slipstream flying fish

The SLIPSTREAM Flying Fish is a revolutionary heavy duty hybrid lure that has been designed to perfectly mimic a flying fish in both appearance and action in the water. It is extremely versatile and can be cast, trolled or fished from a kite, with a huge variety of rigging options to suit your specific style of fishing.

The unique folding wing design allows the wings to fold back when cast for extra distance or when fighting big Tuna and Marlin for reduced drag through the water. The wings, tail fin and side fins can all be changed or replaced with Nomad Design WING SETS to create your own ultimate flying fish colour scheme.


shikari inshore jerkbait

The SHIKARI INSHOREis a long-casting, shallow diving, slow floating jerkbait with a tungsten weight transfer system. The internal weight slides backward into the tail when casting to maximise distance, and then rolls forward when being retrieved to balance the lure and keep it perfectly level. 

Nomad design rods

Nomad Design rods are the result of 20 years of R&D aboard Nomad Sportfishing Charters. Using the best in tackle over a 20 year period in one of the toughest fishing arenas on the planet – Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – has given Nomad Design an unmatched rod R&D program.

Offshore casting, inshore casting, slow pitch jig & heavy jig models.


Cutting edge features


Patented technology at the heart of catching more fish.

gorilla through wire

Unique designed through wire body system for added strength.

Triple Shield

Paint protection system for increased durability.

metal matrix

Internal metal plate for super strength.

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