The SHIKARI is a long casting, suspending, shallow diving jerkbait boasting an internal moving tungsten weight transfer system designed to perfectly balance the lure. The internal weight rolls back to the tail when casting to maximize distance, and then rolls forward when being retrieved to perfectly balance the lure and keep it level when suspending.

Shikari can be twitched hard on the retrieve to produce an erratic action where the lure will turn 180 degrees back on itself in a classic strike trigger action. If you are addicted to the savage jerkbait bite, Shikari will satisfy even the most experienced jerkbait fisherman’s needs. The weight transfer system will help you get a few extra yards further than a standard jerkbait lures and punch through those cold winds on classic jerkbait days.

ModelLengthWeightDepthActionHooks FittedUses
Shikari 95 SUS FR3-3/4”3/8oz3ftLevel SuspendingBKK 1X Trebles #8Casting
Shikari 115 SUS FR4-1/2”1/2oz4ftLevel SuspendingBKK 1X Trebles #8Casting
long casting jerkbait

There are jerkbaits and then there are great jerkbaits. Nomad Design's Shikari Jerkbaits are destined for the Hall of Fame! They slash savagely and suspend oh so delicately. Sporting Tungsten weight transfer systems and ultra fishy colours this new comer deserves a spot in the box ASAP. Bass want these, give them what they want and go get you some!

tungsten weight transfer system

shikari jerkbaits


shikari jerkbaits

4 1/4" & 3 3/4" sizes

shikari jerkbaits

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