HST Redefined. Forever.

Very rarely does a true game changer come along, let alone 3 of them. What about a diving minnow that runs anywhere from 5-18 knots and dives to 10ft? The High Speed Trio from Nomad represents 3 world first lure designs running at 5-18kn+ and they will change the way you catch Wahoo and Tuna.

worlds fastest trolling lures
squall runner series

Watch to see all 3 in action catching big Wahoo.
More than anything else the Squall Runners are about versatile trolling for Wahoo and Tuna. They allow you to troll anywhere from 5kn-18kn with equal effectiveness. Imagine being able to set your spread at 8kn and then speed up to 14-16kn to find the fish without changing the spread. The Squall runner series consists of:

  • The all-new DTX 180 HD (Heavy Duty) 10-12ft depth at 5-18kn+
  • The all-new Madscad 190 AT (Autotune™) 2-3ft depth at 5-18kn+
  • The world famous Madmacs range - 3-6ft at 5-18kn+

This really is a evolution Wahoo and Tuna trolling. Whether you fish long range out of California, troll for tuna at high speed on the West Coast, or troll the NE Canyons for bluefin and Bigeye, or HST out of Florida, the Squall Runner Power Trio Have changed the game.

World's Fastest Offshore Trolling Lures

Ready to troll at 5-18kn+

How to Fish the High Speed Trio
HST Power Trio

Watch as Damon Olsen shows you how to set a spread with all 3 Lures that troll at over 18knots. But they are just at home trolling at 6-8kn, so don't doubt their incredible versatility. A genuine World First. We named them the Squall Runner Series as a joke! What can you troll when you need to outrun an afternoon storm and still be fishing? One of the Squall Runners of course!

Want to see how we do it? Nomad lure Designer and Founder Damon Olsen and New Product Specialist Ross Hayes show you how to high speed troll for tuna and wahoo with the DTX 180 HD, Madmacs and the Madscad 190 AT.


The Madscad 190 Autotune™ will change the way you troll for trophy fish! With a totally unique action at high speeds, the Madscad AT brings a whole new level to high speed trolling.

Featuring the Patented Autotune™ Technology, Metal Matrix Plate System and Diamond Armour internal strength system - capable of absolutely wild speeds of over 18Knts!

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DTX 180 HD

The DTX 180mm Heavy Duty is a revolution in trolling minnows with it's high speed action at shallow depths.

Featuring the Patented Autotune™ System, Metal Matrix Plate System, Diamond Armour Internal Strength System and Hydrospeed Belly Eyelet Technology - the DTX minnow is in a class of its own and is now the fastest trolling Minnow in the deadly DTX spread!

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The world famous MADMACS is a sinking super high speed wahoo and tuna lure capable of being trolled at speeds of up to 20kn for the 6" - 8" Model, up to 15kn for the 10" Model and up to 15kn for the 5" - making this a deadly part of the Squall Runner series.

Madmacs has been a staple in the Tuna trolling speed in Southern California, Florida and the NE region which is now complimented by two more options.