3 Unique Baits One System

Meet the Power Trio – A World First Patented Lipless Crankbait System with baits that complement eachother designed to cover every lipless crankbait scenario. Each bait does something different and they allow you to fish fast, slow, medium, shallow, and deep. 3 unique lipless crankbaits to cover every lipless situation.

Buy 4 Get 1 Free + Free Shipping
  • The SWIMTREX MAX vibrates like no other lipless you've ever fished. This is the first bait in the Power Trio you need to fish.
  • The SWIMTREX Swims on the sink and vibrates on the lift. It is designed as a yoyo style bait.
  • The VERTREX MAX is soft and silent and has incredible vibration at slow speed, or when fished fast.

Buy 4 lures and get one free, plus get free shipping. We are offering this amazing bundle to allow you to try the Power trio and feel how amazing these baits are when used as a system. Once you've used the power trio you won't want to fish any other lipless bait, they are that good! You'll miss these not being in your lipless tacklebox! Sample this bundle and get a BONUS Vertrex Max 75 Lipless Crankbait.

max vibration

Max vibration and Patented Autotune™ technology make the Swimtrex Max the ultimate allrounder. The Swimtrex Max is the first Lipless you need in the Power Trio - it is the most versatile lure in the range. It's line tie system gives this bait hard thumping maximum vibration at any speed. It's unlike anything you've felt before. Rip it through the grass, fast or super slow, or yo-yo it it deep and slow!

  • From a slow crawl to a screaming fast retrieve, Autotune™ guarantees max will thump hard and stay straight and true no matter what speed.
  • Excels at traditional lipless crank applications while enabling subtle presentation options that fish have never seen in a lipless crank.
  • Thin, hydrodynamic nose and pack slide through thick grass.
  • Crafted by experience with Professional Tournament Anglers.
  • Outfitted with laser sharp BKK Spear hooks.
  • Internal rattle plus the noise from the Autotune™ creates a dual layer rattle combination unlike any other noise.
Head to Head comparison
Watch it Vibrate

We put the Swimtrex Max head to head against one of the industry standard lipless crankbaits to show the difference in vibration at fast and slow speeds. The extra vibration is what makes the Swimtrex Max get bit and also what makes it clear grass like nothing else.


World first lipless crank that swims on the sink!
Ideal for Yoyo and fast retrieve techniques. This is not a medium speed or slow Lipless bait. Swimtrex was the first lipless crankbait Nomad designed. The Patented Autotune™ line tie is placed further up the bait towards the lip allowing this bait to ‘swim’ downward when paused or jigged. It also allows you to ‘kill’ a standard retrieve and have Swimtrex swim tantalizingly down into that hole in the weed cover or look like a wounded, vulnerable baitfish as it drops off that rock ledge. 

  • Autotune™ allows SWIMTREX to be retrieved at extreme high speeds.
  • Swimtrex 'swims' downward when paused.
  • Slow swimming fall activates dormant or suspending fish.
  • Perfect for vertical fishing techniques, like yo-yo style.

The Vertrex Max is the very first soft plastic lipless crankbait ever made!
Use it as a classic lipless crank and see how aggressively bass react to the max thumping action accompanied by total silence.  This style bait has been a top producer in the trophy saltwater gamefish world for decades and has caught everything that swims worldwide. Simply put the Vertrex will be the most unique bait in your box.

  • Can be fished straight retreive or jigged vertical.
  • Soft plastic body makes bass hit and hold longer than hard plastic body.
  • Made of soft, yet tough TPE material that is completely silent yet has maximum vibration.
  • BKK Spear super sharp hooks.
  • Through wire will never be torn apart by toothy critters.
Patented Autotune™YesYes-
DepthSuper Shallow to 50ftSuper Shallow to 80ft3ft to 80ft
Vibration Level1- Least Vibration3 - MAX Vibration2 - High Vibration
TechniqueYoyo Swim on Sink & Fast RetrieveAll - Fast, Slow, Deep & ShallowAll - Fast, Slow, Medium & Deep
Weight1/2, 3/4 & 1oz1/2, 3/4 & 1oz3/8, 3/4 & 1.25oz
MaterialHigh Density ABS PlasticHigh Density ABS PlasticSoft TPE
Internal RattleYesYesSoft & Silent

Patented Technology World First

Power Trio explained

  • What is the Autotune™ self centering towpoint?
  • How Autotune™ makes SWIMTREX track straight and swim on the fall.
  • Autotune™ gives the SWIMTREX MAX - maximum vibration.



In this video:

  • What each lure is designed to do.
  • A close-up look at what makes them unique.
  • How to use all three to approach any lipless situation.

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