The hottest Squid vibe on the market just got even hotter with the introduction of the mini Squid range. Squidtrex™, now available in additional sizes - 55, 65, 75 & 85mm.


Ready to fish right out of the box! The Mini Squid range includes 4 snack sized Squidtrex™ with a realistic swimming action just like their bigger brothers. The mini Squids range can be slow rolled or hopped along with bottom with a slow sinking action to entice that bite from inshore predators.

  • Vibrates on the lift & shimmy on the fall
  • Level sinking design
  • Realistic tentacles that waft
  • Super strong & durable TPE Material
  • Gorilla through wire construction
  • Glow UV finishes 
  • 2% Squid Scent additive for extra bite appeal
  • Twin BKK assist hooks - ready to fish

The Mini Squidtrex™ also feature a front tow point giving it a darting action when twitched. Watch the following video for tips & tricks on how to fish these 4 new mini Squidtrex™ sizes.

perfect combo

A perfect combination to match up with the Mini Squidtrex™ while chasing inshore species is the new SEACORE range of Inshore Spin Rods.

With 7 sizes available, the Seacore Inshore Spin range has a model to suit all inshore applications from boat or land.

View Inshore Spin Seacore range

mini squid storage

Keep all your Mini Squidtrex™ soft vibes in the one place and ready for quick access with our double-sided Nomad Design Vibe storage box.

  • Medium and large sizes available to hold all Squidtrex™ sizes.
  • Foam lining material doesn't react with TPE material.
  • Hook slots hold Squidtrex™ vibes in place.
  • Double-sided waterproof rubber seals.
  • Sturdy and durable latch system.
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cutting edge features


Unique designed through wire body system for added strength.


BKK Hooks means confidence with every hook set.

real squid scent

Squid scent additive included in each product for real effect