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Redfish on Lures

FALL is the perfect time to get out and chase the mighty Redfish and we have techniques, tips and all the gear to get you catching more. Vibing, twitchbaits, soft baits, jerkbaits are all on the menu. Join us as we break down how to hunt and catch Redfish with lures.

Effective Redfish lure #1
vibing success for redfish

Saltwater fishermen from around the world have been using soft Vibes for years.  When we found out they were not being used in the USA we decided to bring our Award Winning Australian Vertrex Vibes over here to the states.  And we were not disappointed. 

We can't wait to show you to one of the hottest new inshore lures in the game, we will also show you on video and tips on exactly how we used them to outfish live Croaker along the jetty rocks. 


Take your Redfish fishing to a whole new level with the Inshore Redfish Bundle. This bundle covers your vibing, jerkbait, twitchbait and topwater Redfish needs and comes with a free Nomad Hat. Select Hat and add to order in the cart.

Is Vibing for Redfish Better than livebait?
effective redfish lure #2
Twitchbait Redfish lures

Redfish LOVE a Twitchbait. A Twitchbait glides back and forth in a motion that mimics a baitfish swimming. They can be presented as a meandering fish carelessly swimming in the top of the water column or worked to appear like a terrified bait fish swimming erratically. 

Head over and check out our article on fishing for Redfish with Twitchbait Lures.  We can show you when, where, how and also give you a peek at a Patented system that guarantees Nomad's Twitchbait does what no other can.

Effective Redfish Lure #3
topwater lures for redfish

Redfish are Apex Predators and nothing fires an Apex Gamefish like a properly fished Topwater Lure. 

If you suspected that there is a lot more to Topwater fishing you are right.  We have an article that explains a few tips and tricks that might open your eyes and allow you to get more big fish in tougher conditions and showcase some of the premium topwater lures for Redfish.

Effective Redfish Lure #4
Swimming Plugs for Redfish

One of the best Redfish lures for building a pattern on non active or even shut down Reds are swimming plugs. The astute Redfish angler will use a Swimming Plug to show finicky Redfish something new, but the Swimming Plug also can suspend and stay perfectly still. With proper technique this lure can offer a slowed down, suspending action that draws strikes from
reluctant fish.

Check out our article on some more tips & techniques for fishing for Trophy Redfish with Swimming Plugs.

Learn all about

The Red Drum, forever burned into angling lore and tall tales as the Redfish. A fish that inspires a level of devotion, passion, and dedication among anglers of all skill levels, which is why the Mighty Redfish is America’s Premier Inshore Gamefish. 

We took a hard look at the facts, biology and the lore of Redfish basics like the spawn and seasonal movements. Visit our Redfish habits page to test or increase your knowledge on how to catch Redfish on lures.

What’s in a Name? Lures for Redfish

Redfish are not red. I know it sounds crazy, but they are gold/brown. That would be the angle, "why call it a redfish?" But in no way can we intimate that we think a redfish is red.

They’ve probably got species called redfish in various languages around the world, from Scandinavia to Somalia, but what we’re concerned with here is the American Atlantic coast and Gulf Shores redfish. It’s a common species around here and it’s a lot of fun to pursue – although as you know, it’s only fun as long as you catch something you want. Read More

Fishing Lures for Redfish

The way we develop our redfish lures is the way we develop all our products: we research, we try things out, we see what works and what works better and then we try to improve on that. Ideas are kicked around among our pool of experts in fishing tackle, preconceptions are challenged and generally, we badger the issue until we’ve got the best we can get. Our redfish fishing lures, then, are a lot more sophisticated than anything available to the guy who thought up the name. He was basically trying his luck and using whatever bait he could find. No doubt he and his friends were extremely good at it, but so are we, and we’ve got all the technological advantages.

If you want topwater lures for redfish, we’ve got them, we’ve tested them, our customers have tested them, and we know they work. Individual species have their idiosyncrasies, their preferences and perhaps their weaknesses, which the human fisher can exploit. All this knowledge goes into our products, and it’s ultimately for your benefit, so take advantage of it. Our fishing lures for redfish are tailored to that particular species, and one less element of speculation is one more rung up the ladder of likely success.

How Can I Get Started as a Redfish Fisherman?

If you’re asking that question, it’s because you’ve never tried this before, so just take your time, read all the information you can get your hands on and ask us questions if you like. Our experts at Nomad Tackle are here to help you. Then, when you’ve decided what you’re going to need, you can order it right here and it will be delivered to you. By the way, if you would prefer to do this the old-fashioned way and walk into a shop where you can see and maybe touch what you’re after, fill in your location and we’ll tell you where the nearest stockiest is.

Either way, you’ll be getting Nomad Tackle’s redfish lures, the very best there is.

In the meantime, feel free to also check out our mahi mahi lures or bluefin tuna lures if that's what you're interested in.

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Cutting edge features

gorilla through wire

Unique designed through wire body system for added strength.

Autotune inshore

Patented Autotune Technology allows more movement at the towpoint creating erractic actions and twitch are something inshore predators can’t resist.


We ensure that the painting process and the quality of the finish on all lures is protected and likely to last longer by applying 3 final coats of a super tough clear resin to the outside of all lures. It provides additional colour depth and ensures that the finish on your lure will last longer.

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