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After years of making do on charter with lures that simply didn’t meet the standards we required, Nomad founder and designer Damon Olsen put his engineering degree to good use and began creating lures and tackle crafted to withstand the demanding predators of the Coral Sea. Nomad Design is the culmination of a lifetime of on the water experience. Experience that is earned and can't be bought or faked. When you are 200 miles offshore there is no room for compromise. Nomad Design is innovation forged from necessity, tested to the limit, it's simply Crafted by Experience.


CRAFTED BY EXPERIENCE: Means a great deal to us, it has been hard won and earned through decades of experience on the water. As the founder, former captain and fishing guide of one of the world’s premier blue water sportfishing charters in Australia’s remote Coral Sea.

Our lures are the result of a lifelong passion for fishing and an uncompromising desire to create lures for every species of fish, inshore and offshore anywhere in the world.


The culmination of years of development, testing and collaboration. Nomad delivers a range of Bass hardbaits that incorporates Nomads lure development philosophy and proven technology combined with the knowledge and experience of Pro Bass Anglers. Innovation and quality is at the heart of Nomad lure development, our Bass range includes lure technology such as the Patented Autotune™ System, HDS ABS, Triple Shield construction processes and perfectly balanced high quality BKK terminals.


Vibing is a highly effective fishing system involving lures, rods, braid, leader and storage systems, centered around using 2 types of soft vibration baits with a particular technique to catch fish in 2ft - 300ft of water.

Watch how Nomad Design founder Damon Olsen and Capt. Jarad 'Dingo" Boshammer have teamed up to develop Vibing and the required techniques to catch just about every key US inshore species. "Dingo" as his mates call him, has pioneered the technique in the US and has developed the methods and techniques to use these lures to catch more fish in a variety of situations.


Carefully selected bundles for all occassions on the water, including Inshore, Vibing, Jigging, trolling and Freshwater. Each come with their own FREE gift.

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Nomad Design started on the water in 2000. Every product we make starts as an idea born from on the water experience and is tested to the limit on the water.

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