atlas crank

The ATLAS SQUARE BILL CRANK is designed with maximum action and snag resistance in mind. It features a body design that has maximum roll and wiggle and the bill design deflects from the stickiest cover or rock hard structure with ease. The internal rattles create noise while also adding to casting distance.

The ATLAS Square Bill crank sports hours of trial and error to achieve that tantalizing body roll and action at very slow speeds that generate that classic crankbait bite. ATLAS will perform perfectly in all your favourite shallow cranking lakes.

ModelLengthWeightDepthActionHooks FittedUses
Atlas Square Bill Crank 55 FLT FR2"3/8oz1-3ftFloatingBKK Spear EWG Wide Gap 1X Trebles #6Casting
Atlas Square Bill Crank 70 FLT FR2-3/4"3/4oz2-4ftFloatingBKK Spear EWG Wide Gap 1X Trebles #2Casting
squarebill crank

A super tough, super hunter, crankbait with square bill, this fishy crankbait checks all the boxes. Deflects, dodges, dips and dives in all the most popular colours. Australia's Nomad Design brings its world renown toughness and innovation to the freshwater world. BKK super tough hooks are sticky! Beware Larry Largemouth!

tournament ready

huge color range

maximum body roll

at super slow speeds

shallow water hunter

fitted with wide gap trebles

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