Square Bill Crankbaits

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Atlas 70 Square Bill Floating Freshwater Crank 2-3/4
Atlas 70 Square Bill Floating Freshwater Crank 2-3/4"- 3/4oz
More info on Atlas 70 Square Bill Floating Freshwater Crank 2-3/4"- 3/4oz
Atlas 55 Square Bill Floating Freshwater Crank 2
Atlas 55 Square Bill Floating Freshwater Crank 2" - 3/8oz
More info on Atlas 55 Square Bill Floating Freshwater Crank 2" - 3/8oz
2 products

Let the Show Begin With Square Bill Crankbait

The many facets of fishing are what make it such an absorbing sport. It’s what we are in business for, because we are not just suppliers, we’re crazy about fishing ourselves, and if what you love as a hobby also pays the rent, it doesn’t feel like work. Read More

There is nothing more fascinating than crankbait fishing. We are always looking for improvements, for additions to our range that will increase the success rate for our customers, and the Atlas Square Bill Crankbait is a classic example of that. If you’re a crankbait person, you are a thinker on the subject of tackle fishing, and you understand that success comes through a combination of skill and equipment. In this case, we’re going to take your skill and supplement it with square bill lures that will add so much to the realistic effect going on where the fish are hungry and they think you’re going to feed them. You’re going to give them square bill bait with the significant difference that although they can bite it, they’re not going to get any food out of it. Crankbait square bill is all you have to type into our search box, and you’ll find all the information about the Atlas lures we offer.

What sizes are these Square Bill Crankbait?

We’ve got two sizes that translate as big enough for the job and can handle anything. In figures, that’s 55,2" and 3/8oz or the 70,2" 3/4oz. These lures are designed to roll like a 50s teenager in a jive contest. Given that what appeals to the fish is the sense that their prey is injured because it’s moving funny, let’s amend that comparison to a jiving teenager with a bad leg.

These ingeniously realized and superbly engineered crankbait are designed to shrug off the natural impediments down there, giving maximum roll and superior snag resistance. They are also amazingly castable, so they’re giving you an advantage even before they hit the water.

Who are the Brains Behind These Incredible Square Bill Lures?

At Nomad Tackle we have great design and engineering experience, going right back to our origins in Australia and our founder’s pioneering work in those waters: the Coral Sea, no less. Damon Olsen took his youthful love of fishing and used his natural design flair plus a thoroughly practical engineering degree and brought all knowledge to the Freshwater game. A great illustration of that is the way we have achieved perfect roll at slow speeds with these lures. In this case, the work has been augmented by the specialist brilliance of Bassmaster pro Greg Di Palma. But don’t just take our word for it: try the best square bill crankbait lure there is and see for yourself.

Order right here online, ask our advice if there’s something you’re unsure of, and you’ll be on the way to bigger catches and more fun.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our lipless crankbait or shallow jerkbaits if that's what you're interested in.

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