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The Nomad Design INSHORE SPIN RODS are ideal for working both the Swim and Max vibes. The tip is designed to be light enough to cast small lures, but stiff enough to impart action to the lure. The medium-fast taper allows enough strength in the butt section to provide stopping power when you need it. 

Crafted by decades of on the water experience, the range features Japanese Toray Carbon blanks featuring our Helix30T system. The Helix30T blank utilizes the latest in 30 Tonne Toray and precise carbon wrapping construction. This process achieves increased sensitivity, strength and blank responsiveness, giving the angler a better fishing experience.  Finished with Fuji Alconite K guides and Fuji GM winch mount.

Spec table

ModelLengthLB RatingLure WeightPiecesRear Grip
Inshore Casting
NIS7210-207’2”10lb - 20lb1/4oz - 1oz1pcSplit Rear Grip
NIS7620-307'6"20lb - 30lb1/3oz - 1-1/2oz1pcSplit Rear Grip
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Vibing is a new technique and fishing system that revolves around the pat. pending Nomad Vertrex soft Vibe lure series. It works from 2ft to 300ft of water on a huge range of species. So how did a whole new way of fishing come about? Well, it's not new, it's been a go to fishing technique in Australia for over 15 years and it's one of the most widely used and effective techniques on many Australian species. It simply catches fish, and it doesn't matter if it's a lake in Florida or the Red Sea, fish eat vibes.

Watch the story of how Capt. Jarad "Dingo" Boshammer and Nomad Design founder, designer and charter captain Damon Olsen teamed up to bring Vibing to the USA.

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